Impact Stories
Exploring Market Opportunities for Specific Instruments and Reagents of Pathology Testing in China 探索中国特定检测仪器和试剂市场未来发展机会
Investigating Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes in Local Grass-root Hospitals in Beijing 调查北京社区医院2型糖尿病诊断和治疗情况
Investigating External Benchmarking with Main Competitors’ Organization Structure and Internal Functions 针对主要竞争对手的组织结构和内部功能来调查研究外部标杆企业
Developing “5-Year Go-to-Market” Strategy by Accessing China Market Potentials in All Mature and Emerging Customer Segments 通过评估所有成熟市场和新兴市场,制定5年市场发展战略
Mapping Out Hematology Lab Market in China’s Tier 1 & 2 Cities Regarding Cytogenetic Tests and Capital Equipment 描绘细胞遗传学检测以及相关设备在一线和二线城市的血液科实验室的市状况场
Reviewing and Benchmarking Remuneration to the Agency Partner according to Service Scope and Quality 根据服务范围和质量对数字媒体运营商的报酬进行审查和基准评估
Mapping Out Hematology Lab Market in China’s Tier 1 & 2 Cities Regarding Cytogenetic Tests and Capital Equipment 中国一线二线城市血液内科细胞遗传学检测及设备市场分析
Developing “5-Year Go-to-Market” Strategy by Accessing China Market Potentials in All Mature and Emerging Customer Segments 制定未来5年在成熟市场及新兴市场的病理检测产品推广策略
Development of China's ICL Market for Medical Testing 全国第三方医学检验市场发展
Evaluating the Market Potential for A World-class Specialty Biopharmaceutical Company in Asthma Management 在呼吸诊断领域为客户评估中国市场潜力及规划商业模式
Identifying Market Size and Market Share of Pathology Equipment and Consumables in 2016 to 2020 in Grade 2 Hospitals 中国2016年二级医院病理科设备和耗材的市场规模及市场份额,以及到2020年的市场发展预测
Investigating Competitors Performance and Growth Plans in China’s Advanced Wound Care Market 中国先进伤口护理市场主要竞争对手调查
Building E-commerce and Digital Marketing Strategies for a Fortune Global 500 MNC 帮助一家世界500强公司制定电子商务和数字营销策略
Assessing Market Opportunities for 12 Targeted Drugs Categories for Financial Investment 对投资目标(12种药物)的市场潜力进行尽职调查
Diversification to OTC and Nutritional Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Market 对客户扩展到非处方和保健类中药的市场潜力分析
Increasing Future Revenue Opportunities for Clinical Information Systems (CIS) X 探索如何增加客户的临床信息系统在中国的销售
Evaluation of Opportunities on Prescribing Drug X (Future Entrant) for the Treatment of Disorder A 处方药X(治疗A精神障碍)进入市场的机会评估
Commercialization Strategy for Second-Line Treatment Drug X 为一家国际制药公司的二线治疗药品X制定商业策略
Opportunity Assessment and Market Entry Strategy for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients X and Y 药品原材料X和Y的商业机会评估和市场进入策略
Retail Distribution Strategy for “Mom-and-Baby” Consumer Health Products 对“妈妈和宝宝”健康产品零售和分销的策略建议
Rationalizing China Pricing for Medical Consumable Products X and Y 对X和Y医疗商品中国定价的合理化建议
Market Validation and Concept Testing for Basic Medical Insurance (BMI) Wrap-Around Product X 基本医疗保险周边产品X的市场验证和概念测试
Mapping Key Pockets of Consumer Opportunity and Flavors to Introduce 为某领先膳食营养品分析消费者市场并决定新引进口味
Assessment of Market Opportunities for Critical Illness and Hospital Cash Insurance Products 评估重大疾病和医院现金保险产品的市场机会
Identified Opportunities and Optimal Partners for Histology Devices in Grade II Hospitals 确定二级医院组织学设备的市场机会和优化合作伙伴

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SmithStreet’s Healthcare Practice provides companies who want to enter China or who are already operating in China with relevant regulatory, commercialization, financing and physician/ patient behavior insights to effectively design and implement strategies – be it market entry, expansion, commercialization, price optimization, distribution or others.

Healthcare in China is one of the biggest and fastest growing in the world, largely driven by growth in government expenditures and increasing purchasing power of consumers for private healthcare consumption. The market has become lucrative for local and foreign corporations alike. It has encouraged foreign companies who have already penetrated to continuously expand to cover other developing regions and has invited other multinational firms to consider designing an entry strategy to capitalize on this growth.

In this dynamic and complex environment, our investigative, bottom-up approach to primary research is highly effective in helping you develop a suitable market entry or growth strategy for your business.

We work with clients who are entering the market for the first time, as well as those who are looking for new opportunities to grow their existing business, and offer end-to-end strategy consulting services from initial market assessment to implementation. Some of the typical issues we help our clients to solve include:

Ingredients (Market Assessment) - Know Market Well

  • Uncovering national and local regulatory requirements and processes
  • Sizing your total market opportunity, or pockets of opportunity
  • Identifying and mapping the financing capabilities of your target consumers as influenced by insurance and reimbursement
  • Understanding consumer needs, purchasing decisions, and approach to different sales channels
  • Evaluation of consumer reactions to your brand and product

Menu (Strategic Planning) - Map Plan Out

  • Identifying the right entry or growth strategy model (i.e., self-operating vs. partner-driven)
  • Designing the appropriate commercialization strategy based on industry best practices
  • Setting the right price for the China market
  • Evaluation of localization adjustments / product development needs
  • Mapping out the optimal distribution network, leveraging traditional and non-traditional (e.g. e-commerce) sales channels

  • Determining the role and impact of e-commerce in your China expansion

  • Building a business case for China market entry / expansion through self-operation

Dishes (Implementation) - Get Things Done

  • Determining optimal organization structure for market entry/growth
  • Finding the right partners for a brick-and-mortar and/or e-commerce entry or growth

While we have worked with clients across a broad spectrum of healthcare categories, we have developed particular expertise in several categories:

  • Consumer health
  • Prescription and other specialty pharmaceutical drugs
  • Medical devices and consumables
  • Professional medical services

  • Health insurance

Please see our previous work in "OUR CASES" and request Chinese version by email 

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