Impact Stories
Helping Clients Manage Their Clients’ Location Data on 3rd Party Websites and Providing Assistance as Needed 帮助客户管理其用户在中国的第三方网站上的地理位置信息,并帮助客户执行所需操作
Mapping Out a Strategic Market Entry Plan for a Listed US-based Technology Company 为美国某上市科技型公司进入中国市场制定战略计划
Developing a 3-Year Strategic Plan and Optimizing the Internal Structure for an SOE 为一家中国本土国有企业制定3年战略并优化企业内部结构
Assessing Business Opportunities in the China Market through a Voice of the Customer Study 通过客户满意度调查评估在中国市场的商业机会
Validating the Size of China’s Internal Audit Software Market in 2017 确认2017年中国内部审计软件的市场规模
Evaluating Market Opportunity and Channels Strategy for a Food Investment Company 为私人投资机构评估中国食品市场的机会及渠道策略
Identifying the Path of Impact Growth in China Headset Market 为某欧洲领先电子品牌确定其在中国耳机市场的增长战略
Understanding Unique Value of a Target Company’s Water and Air Treatment Business in China’s Monitoring and Treatment Market 了解目标公司的水和空气处理业务在中国监测和治理市场的独特价值
Optimizing Distribution Coverage for a Professional Audio Brand 为一家音频公司进行分销覆盖率的优化
Evaluating Competitor’s Best Practices to Optimize Client’s Product Strategy 为欧洲某高端糖果品牌评估竞争对手的最佳实践模式并优化客户的产品战略
Menu --- Evaluation of China’s Chromatography Consumables Market to Identify Target Performers for Acquisition
Ingredients --- Assessing Acquisition Targets to Expand China Business for a US Chocolate Company
Menu --- Mapping Out a Well-informed National Expansion Strategy for a US Consumer Electronic Brand
Ingredients --- Analyzing Yogurt Market Dynamics for a Top 5 FMCG Company
Ingredients --- Understanding Consumer Perception towards Food Nutrition for a Top 5 Food & Beverage Company

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SmithStreet’s B2B Practice assists clients with their China growth strategies, supporting in efforts ranging from purchasing behavior to commercial due diligence.

The environment for B2B products and services in China is unique and in a state of continual reinvention, as companies look for opportunities both organically, through existing and aspirational customer segments, and inorganically, through M&A target searches. To maximize your success in this market, we believe it takes clear market knowledge from both industry and customer perspectives.

In this data environment, where everything may not be as it seems, it’s critical that businesses take an investigative, bottom up approach to gain a deeper understanding of the drivers and factors at play. As a firm, we pride ourselves in aligning with our clients and striving for the mutual goal of gaining clarity and designing growth strategies that can be pursued with confidence.

We work with clients who are entering the market for the first time, as well as those who are looking for new opportunities to grow their existing business, and offer end-to-end strategy consulting services from initial market evaluation to implementation. Some of the typical issues we help our clients to solve include:

Ingredients (Market Assessment) - Know Market Well

  • Uncovering national and local regulatory requirements and processes
  • Sizing your total market opportunity, or pockets of opportunity
  • Identifying and mapping the financial capabilities of your target customers and the level of influence of government policies and reimbursement
  • Understanding both met and unmet consumer needs,  usage and purchasing behavior, and best approaches to channels

Menu (Strategic Planning) - Map Plan Out

  • Determining the right entry or growth strategy, and implications for your business model
  • Setting the right price for the China market
  • Evaluation of localization adjustments / product development needs
  • Mapping out the optimal distribution network, leveraging traditional and non-traditional (e.g., e-commerce) sales channels

  • Building a business case for China market entry through self-operation

Dishes (Implementation) - Get Things Done

  • Determining the optimal organization structure for market entry/growth
  • Finding the right partners for entry or growth
  • Validating the suitability of potential acquisition or partnership targets through investigative commercial due diligence

While we have worked with clients across a broad spectrum of consumer goods, we have developed particular expertise in several categories:

  • Industrial equipment
  • Monitoring instruments (e.g., water and air)
  • Corporate IT communications
  • Information and publishing
  • Food ingredients
  • Energy
  • Construction materials

Please see our previous work in "OUR CASES" and request Chinese version by email 

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